most powerful ship lines: “you’re a real slytherin asshole”
nadia tudor, to devin silverhawk; march, 2027

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last year, devin and nadia fought themselves in what they now refer to as their "dark ages" as each succumbed to lesser desires and impulses. bullies triumphed initially, tearing the best friends and lovers apart. the troubles of teenagers were made worse however, by the overhanging prejudice of bloodline, a war that has gone on for centuries...and all was made right when devin fought his cousin, alcott and hols admitted their feelings, and the gryffindors triumphed in the quidditch cup. friendships never expected were forged, love thought to be madness has begun to grow, and all went to the summer holidays in peace as their renaissance dawned.

but all is not well. over the summer, eliza has finally learned the truth of her parents love story and found her father; alcott and hols have grown dangerously attached while their respective secrets threaten them both, lynn and alcott continued to bicker, lynn and nick had their own private island for a weekend, and...well nadia and devin watched a lot of batman and spent every waking minute together they could, but devin recieved a visit from their enemy, his old friend, and cousin sam that makes it clear: this war has only just begun.

did you ever believe? ever a dreamer?
did you ever deny? were you ever a traitor?
ever in love with your blood, lust, and need?
darkness falls; here comes the rain
to wash away the past and the names
to end it all; the blood and the games
this is a call to arms, brothers and sisters
time to go to war.

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